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MSTR was started in 2016 to help bring solutions to unresolved issues in the judicial system among litigants. We offer solutions to parties, whether represented by counsel or pro se (pro se means they have no attorney).

MSTR offers advocacy services for individuals that need help navigating the legal system when getting divorced or involved in custody matters.

We also offer Mediation services, which is the opposite of advocacy. If a party is in a dispute with another party, company or organization, MSTR may mediate the matter, vise going to trial, where the burden of proof applies during a trial. In mediation we attempt to resolve matters where both parties may walk away with a win.

NOTE: Mediation is STRICTLY voluntary. Any party including the mediator may terminate the mediation session/s. Both parties must agree in order to enter into a mediation agreement. 


Mediation Services

Divorce, Custody, Domestic Violence, Civil, Corporate

MSTR offers a wide range of mediation services to fit your need. Simply discuss your issue with the representative during your free consultation and MSTR will build you a strategy around the needs of your case.

Family custody strategies is our primary focus at MSTR but we can suite your basic needs for mediation. From a dispute with a landlord to a miscommunication with someone over money, we can mediate most things. Mediation is confidential and completely VOLUNTARY. It can only be conducted as long as both parties agree or if a judge orders it. Let's try to work together to figure it out.



Coaching & Counseling


MSTR offers advocacy to fathers seeking divorce and/or custody

MSTR's advocacy service is comprised of a MSTR representative guiding the client through the process of obtaining an attorney. We help with understanding the duration of filing, going to hearings and potentially to trial, followed by completion of the case. We coach fathers on the process for going through a divorce and what to expect in the judicial system. We train fathers on family court proceedings according to the state laws. We help them seek counseling from a licensed therapist, clergy or professional of their choosing. We also attend court hearings, discuss strategies for obtaining custody and we work extensively with our clients to develop a solid family custody plan. 

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